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Seattle Subway

Angelia Maxie - CEO, Tiny Tots Developmental Center*

Jacqualine Boles, RN, MNP - Director of Human Services, Tiny Tots Developmental Center*

Juan Cotto - Blood Works*

James Faison - CEO, Faison Construction*

*for identification purposes only

Candidate Ratings


Leaping over most of the other candidates in a single bound, it’s the 4.25-starred wonder Phyllis Porter! We have no doubt that Phyllis would be a CAPEd hero for no-, low-, and middle-income people in Seattle. We were particularly impressed by how much thought and intentionality she put into her questionnaire about gig and domestic workers!

But she doesn’t stop there, check out Phyllis’ full CAPE questionnaire here: https://drive.google.com/open…

And here’s Phyllis’ video response to the question, “What makes the economy grow?” SPOILER - SHE KNOWS ALL THE RIGHT STUFF.https://youtu.be/JXLGgjhp9ng


Rating: Excellent

We expect Phyllis Porter to especially prioritize multi-modal safety and de-emphasize cars. A hard-core bike and safety activist, leader in the Seattle Greenways movement, and co-founder of Black Girls Do Bike, she has organized several memorial protests when bicyclists and pedestrians have gotten killed by cars on Rainier Ave. And then she turned the protests into legislative action by helping design safety improvements for Rainier that unfortunately died in the Seattle process. We don’t like her position on congestion pricing, but that’s about it.