Rising housing costs are pushing more and more people out of Seattle everyday, and contribute directly to the gentrification and displacement happening here in District 2.

We must fight to keep people in their homes and find housing for those who need it. I will work to expand programs and policies that support individuals and families at risk of displacement including: eviction protections, debt counseling, transportation and utility assistance, legal and job support services, and short-term rental assistance.

TRANSPORTATION and Accessibility

Whether driving, riding transit, walking, biking or moving freight, we all need safe, reliable, and affordable ways to get around.

In District 2, many residents rely on public transit, bicycling or walking for their daily commutes. Our district has the highest rate of casualties involving pedestrians and cyclists in the city, and we must do more to make our streets safer for everyone.

accountable leadership

As an experienced organizer and advocate for safer streets in South Seattle, I will continue to bring under-represented communities to the table. I will show compassionate leadership for the many issues that face our district during this time of our city’s growth and ensure your voice is heard.

Small business

I am a strong advocate for the small businesses that are the economic engine of our district. If elected I will direct the City Budget Office to study ways to reduce the impact of taxes and fees on small businesses, and to exempt small startups from the business-and-occupation tax for up to three years, or when their revenues exceed $1 million.

I will Build bridges between small businesses and local government, including inviting meaningful participation from Seattle’s Small Business Advisory Council.

Direct the Office of Economic Development to study options for connecting small businesses with trained Seattle youth seeking employment and adults seeking career development and retraining programs.

minority owned businesses

The City should provide greater access to capital for Minority Owned Businesses (DBE), providing more City backed low-interest loans and grants for start-up costs and other one-time expenses.

I will continue to improve upon the existing Construction Workers Agreement to ensure that Minority Business are getting their fair share of contract disbursements.

I will also champion strong monitoring of the implementation of I-1000 after its passage, and ensure the City of Seattle is a leader in contract awards for minority owned business.